I have been a patient for the last 2.5 years. That whole time has been with Port City Relief. From day one they have provided an exceptional products, service, and education. Nick and Kevin know their business from front to back, not only will they provide you with the finest organic medicine in Southern Maine but they are filled with a wealth of knowledge to help you tailor their product use towards your personal ­management of your prescribed condition. In any line of business the product and service provided is all that matters and these guys deliver.

C. Mulcahy - Standish, Me.

"Keep making great medicine"


What an amazing product! I've had back issues my whole life as I used to caddy for 10+ years and played NCAA lacrosse where my body would have to endure getting into high impact, fast paced running shape in a short amount of time. Since I've left school the lacrosse games have slowed down but the back pain is still there...after consuming just half of one of your lemonades after I get home from work, I'm able to walk the dog on his 2 mile exercise with no pain! Not to mention the added benefit of post­work stress relief. And to top it all off, I've been sleeping through the night without any back pain or having to stretch in order to fall back asleep. I haven't taken any other pain medication in a month! I used to have to take naproxen or Advil 4­5 days/week...I highly recommend this product for those trying to manage pain, relieve stress, and get a healthy sleep schedule.



"down to the small details"

Port City Relief fills in the blanks that other caregivers and dispensaries in the state leave unanswered. From their clean and welcoming patient lounge, to their knowledgeable staff, down to the small details like their product packaging, it's nice to see a team so dedicated to providing a safer, more consistent, and better option for medical cannabis in Maine. I can't recommend enough!



Port City Relief always has exactly what I am looking for and the best edibles. I bought a vape pen there and the knowledge of the person helping me literally changed my mind on which one to buy and I am so grateful for it. Thanks guys!



These guys run an exceptional operation. Their flower and concentrates are top notch, and they've always got 10+ strains to choose from. If you're looking for premium cannabis in the Portland area, look no further, Port City Relief takes the cake!



"These guys are pros, every time I come in I am greeted by someone who knows the selection. The environment in the lounge is relaxing, clean, professional and approachable. I have been to many outlets across the country and Port City Relief has some of my favorite product out there. If you haven't been in, you are missing out!"

Brian - Portland, ME


I am writing here to express my gratitude for the workers and owners of Port City Relief. I had met Kevin and Nick when I first entered port city relief a year ago and have been forever grateful. Not only did I find a way to get top quality herbal medicine through this caregiving facility; I found two friendly people who go above and beyond for their patient’s quality. Kevin and Nick go out of their way to find specific medicines, delivery systems and dosages for all their patients’ specific needs. It truly is amazing to have their support. Now on to their products; Port City relief carries a variety of medicine, which as stated in their logo is truly premium quality. The flower they grow is of some of the best structure and potency in the state. Each strain has a specific touch of love and truly aids whatever ailment you're trying to overcome. PCR carries a line of concentrates which all taste amazing! Also packing a hard punch of THC, which is what some of us patients truly need when in more pain than usual. Having concentrates has been an improvement in my life for I am now able to receive the higher dosage I need in a short period of time. The concentrates also come available in neat little vaporizer cartridges which are super portable, virtually smell free and can take anywhere for when you need medicine in even the most discrete of places. PCR carries a handful of Edible medicines, which are heavy hitters! These babies are what you need to get over pain and go right to sleep. Another amazing thing I walked out of PCR with was CBD isolate. Having never heard of this compound before I was a little skeptical that it would work and was hesitant to purchase. However knowing of its huge benefits I was given a sample and noticed much relief. I now use CBD regularly for pain and inflammation and it has single handedly change my life in pain management.